List of master thesis proposals

Air Cavity - Completed 2015 by Patrik Molander and Mathias Lindbäck

This thesis is a comparable study between a conventional tanker hull design and a tanker hull design when introducing the ”Air cavity” bottom structure.

Master thesis report

Project description

Methanol Pilot boat - Completed 2015 by Youmin Huang

A design study for a conversion of a Swedish Pilot boat to operation on methanol in order to minimize the environmental impact

Master thesis report

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Project plan

Trim optimization analysis for a short sea RoRo vessel - Preliminary committed to Ajie
 Analysis to find the optimum trim by means of CFD calculations with the objective to develop a simplified tool

In order to operate as energy efficient as possible it is important to know at what trim the vessel needs the least power to achieve a given speed at a particular load. The trim can be adjusted by conscious load planning and by ballast. The use of ballast to achieve a desired trim can however lead to increased resistance since the displacement increases

The trim at different drafts can have a significant impact on the resistance of the hull and the required power to achieve a particular speed. Analysis to find the optimum trim can be performed in different ways:

  • Model test
  • CFD analysis
  • Simplified analysis

The plan for the thesis is to perform CFD analysis of the hull and calculate how the resistance differs with different trim. The results to be compared with full scale measurements

Supervisors: Bengt Ramne, Fabian Tillig

Develop a theoretical model for added resistance vessel - Available
 Comparison between model tests, empirical methods and CFD analysis for the effect of wind, waves, water depth, fouling and trim.

The towing resistance of a ships hull is normally estimated for a clean hull assuming large water depth and calm weather conditions. The impact of wind, waves, fouling and limited water depth has to be added in order to estimate the performance at actual conditions. Empirical formulas has been developed but they are in general rough and does not take into cosnideration all variables. The objective of the master thesis is to compare the emirical formulas with CFD calculations and propose improvements.

Supervisors: Bengt Ramne, Fabian Tillig

Development of velocity prediction program (VPP) and power prediction program (PPP) for sail assisted engine driven ships - Available
 Analysis to be based on speed-resistance estimation, propulsion efficiency estimation and sail polar diagram which also need to be developed

In order to estimate the contribution from the application of sails on a ship a velocity prediction program need to developed. This program in turn will be based on a polar diagram for the sail system that gives the thrust and transverse force from the sail. By combining the polar diagram with ship resistance calculation also including the effects of the leeway drift due to the transverse sail force, the sail contribution can be estimated. he thesis work include.

  • Evaluation of different sail concept and estimation of CF and CD factors

  • Development of polar diagram for different sail systems

  • Ship hull resistance analysis with statistical/empirical developed algorithms and with CFD calculations

  • Propeller and hull interaction and estimation of propeller efficiency

  • Combination of all the above for the development of a Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) taking into account hull resistance, sail thrust, leeway drift, effects on the propeller efficiency due to the sail thrust

Supervisors: Bengt Ramne, Lars Larsson

Further development of earlier master thesis for weather routing - Pending
 Implementation of weather forecast data including effects of shallow water and development of web interface

Developing of a model for calculation of specific fuel oil consumption SFOC for a generic engine - Available

Comparison of efficiency between propeller, waterjet and IPS propulsion - Pending
 at various speed and MEP calculation

Consequences of the new damage stability requirements - Pending

Evaluation tool for ship concept designs - Preliminary committed to Olle and Andreas
 Development of an engineering tool for rapid evaluation of design concept

Hybrid Ship Propulsion system - Pending